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This is PLAC Guarantee. Thank you for your message.

We are very sorry and disappointed to hear that you have not yet been successful in getting the help you needed.

With all of the referrals that we provided, we know that you will definitely receive at least one approval for sure. There are 20 listed sources, including some guaranteed credit lines that all customers can get approved. Our guarantee provides that you may be eligible for a partial or even full refund, based on the total approval amount you receive collectively from all lenders referred, for any and all extensions of credit. To determine the total approval amount which also determines the appropriate refund, if any, the guarantee stipulates that it is the customer’s responsibility to provide documentation of all approvals and/or denials to our refund department by mail, so that they can examine the documentation thoroughly and make a proper refund determination. This information is available on our website Terms and Conditions.

The application results for each referral might be sent to you by regular mail, email or simply an online notification which you can screenshot and print up. Certain conditions exist, as explained in the Terms. There are also some exceptions for the necessity of applying with certain referrals, also explained in the Terms. The address is PLAC GUAR, Refund Department, 1070 Middle Country Road, Suite 201, Selden, NY 11784. As you agreed, once all documentation has been received by the refund department, they will make a determination and reply to you by mail with a decision and/or a partial or full refund, if applicable.

John Latham