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I’m sorry you feel that way, but we made an Agreement with you and we have done exactly what we promised to do. Perhaps you did not fully understand what we guaranteed and what our Agreement was. I’ll try my best to explain everything again. Everything I say here has already been explained before in either the Agreement or the Terms of Service. We charge a referral fee because we provide referrals. We are not a lender. We guaranteed that if you apply with the referrals (we provided 20), that you will receive approvals from the referrals totaling up to the amount you requested, either as a loan or a line of credit, or both, and if for any reason it does not total up to the amount you requested, you would be eligible for a refund, either partial or full, based on the total amount you end up getting approved for from the referrals.

Applying with the referrals and keeping documentation:

Keep in mind that these requirements are only necessary if you wish to apply for a partial or full refund. If not, then of course you are not required to do any of these things. You apply directly with the referrals that we provided. If a referral sends you to another company, you may apply with their recommendations, but you are not obligated to do so. You are only obligated to apply with the referrals that we sent to you. You need to keep documentation of the results so that we both know exactly what happened with each referral that you applied to. For example, if you applied with the first referral, they will provide a response or a result, on your computer screen or on your phone. Some referrals may also send you an email, but not necessarily. If they give you an approval, or potential approval, please take a screenshot of it, or print it up from your computer if you are using your computer. Hopefully, you know how to take a screenshot (taking a picture of what you see on your device). Likewise, if they deny you, take a screenshot or print it up. Sometimes they will say, “We are unable to approve your request at this time, but please try our partner.” If they say this, then that is considered a denial. Take a screenshot or print it up. If they say, ”We are unable to approve your request. We have sent you an email with the reasons why”, then please print up the email with the reasons why they didn’t approve you.

If you are not being approved for up to the amount you want, then continue applying with each lender until the approval amounts add up to the total amount you requested. This includes all referrals, whether it’s for a loan or a line of credit and regardless of the amounts they offer. Even if they only offer $1000, but you want $10,000, you still need to apply. If the interest rate is too high, then by all means, you are never obligated to accept an approval, but it still counts as an approval towards the total amount you asked for. We guarantee the approval amount, not the interest rate.

If one of the referrals does not service your area or state, then you do not need to apply with them. Skip them and move on. If you have already applied with one of the referrals within the past 60 days, then you do not need to apply with them, but we need proof that you did so. This is covered in the Terms. I’ll provide some links to you at the end of this explanation. The same is true if you already have an account with one of the referrals. If there is anything wrong with any of the links or information we provided, then we will try to give you the correct information, if possible.

If you did not receive approvals totaling up to the amount you requested, after applying with all referrals, then you may apply for a refund, either partial or full. All documentation must be printed up and mailed to our refund department. We are unable to properly examine the documentation on our computers. You need to make sure that the documentation is very clear and easy to read. Each document must bear the webpage address on it, or else it should be very clear which company sent it to you and those companies should be the companies that we referred to you.

The 20 referrals that we sent you are all reputable and honest companies. Some customers have software on their computer protecting them from dangerous websites. If for any reason you receive a “dangerous website” notification from your software, please bear in mind that the 20 referrals that we sent to you have all been checked and rechecked, and we have been dealing with them for years. They are safe websites, regardless of what the computer software is saying. I have received dangerous website notifications on my computer for our own website, PLACguarantee.com. Meanwhile, we do not have malicious software on the website (you have already been on our site multiple times) and we do not collect any sensitive information at all from customers. We only receive name, address, phone, email, and we do not share any of that information with anyone else. However, if one of the referrals sends you to another site, then please be careful. We have no control over where you might be sent. If any company asks you to send them money upfront for a loan, then please do not do it. Sometimes they will ask you to buy gift cards and then provide the numbers on the back of those gift cards to them. Please do not do it. If they ask you for your online banking username and password, do not do it. There are scammers out there who will pretend to be from a legitimate company, but they are not. The most prevalent one we’ve seen is that someone claiming to be from Lending Club either emails you or calls you an tells you that they are from Lending Club. Lending Club is a real company, but the so-called ”agent” might be lying. Always contact the lender directly from their website, to verify that the offer is real, before proceeding with someone who has contacted you by email, text or phone with an offer. Most, but not all, of the 20 referrals that we sent you only require a soft credit check, which would not affect your credit score at all.

If any company tries to get you to sign up for credit monitoring or to get your credit score, there will always be a “No Thanks” link available, or something to that effect. Search for it. They like to hide it. You are never under any obligation to pay for your credit score or to sign up for any subscriptions.

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