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a) Company will provide lender information to Client by email to the email address given by the Client. It is Client’s responsibility to check their spam or junk folders if they cannot find the email. It is Client’s responsibility to contact Company if the email cannot be found so that Company can send it again by email or send it by another means, even by regular mail, if necessary. Once Client pays the referral fee, the contract is in force as per these terms of service and is not cancellable for any reason. Company will provide lender information as needed for client to receive the approval amount requested. Company will usually provide about 20 referrals.
b) If Client has any trouble applying with a lender or partner because Company did not provide accurate lender information, Company will provide Client with the correct information, whenever possible. If Client is unable to apply to a lender or partner because of lender’s service area, then Client is not required to apply with that lender or partner, if a refund request is made by the Client. If a lender changes their website address or website links or makes lending policy changes or changes their phone number or experiences website problems or outages, it is not the fault of Company. Company will make every effort to provide Client with the correct and up-to-date information, whenever possible.
c) Company may or may not be affiliated with a referred lender or partner, so Client should apply to lenders/partners directly as if there is no relationship between Company and the lenders/partners.
d) Company guarantees the approval amount to the Client subject to these Terms of Service. The approval amount is the total amount approved for collectively from each lender/partner referred. Approval amount includes approval amounts for any and all extensions of credit. Client is never obligated to accept a lender’s/partner’s approval offer. However, if an approval offer is made, it is considered an approval as far as these Terms of Service are concerned, regardless if Client accepts it or not.
e) Lenders/partners are free to make their own individual decisions regarding approvals and/or interest rates and are under no obligation whatsoever to the Client. Interest rates are at the discretion of each lender/partner and cannot be guaranteed by Company. Lenders/partners that offer personal loans will not require any upfront fees. A line of credit lender/partner may require a small fee, although it is usually included in the line of credit.
f) Client is not obligated to apply to the lenders/partners or to do anything, unless Client applies for any type of refund. If that is the case, then Client must follow proper refund procedures.
g) If Client is not approved for the full amount that they requested after applying with each referred lender/partner, Client may apply for a full or partial refund of referral fee paid to Company. Company is not responsible for any additional amounts that Client decides to pay such as postage costs or any other out of pocket expenses. In order to qualify for any type of refund, Client must follow proper instructions as outlined below:
h) Refund Requests: Client must apply to each of the referred lenders/partners, with some exceptions as outlined below. An application means that Client has completed an application for a credit extension by providing accurate information to the lender/partner. Lender must run either a “soft” or “hard” inquiry on Client’s credit profile in order to make a decision of approval or denial. A “soft” credit inquiry will not affect an applicant’s credit score. A “hard” inquiry may lower the applicant’s credit score by a few points. In either case, the lender/partner is obligated to provide you with either an approval or an explanation of denial based on their review of your credit profile. They may send it by email or by regular mail, or they may just notify you immediately on your computer screen or device. The explanation will include the reason for denial, or they may say that they sent you an email with the reason for denial. If it does not mention the review of your credit profile, then they have not performed a soft or hard inquiry and it is not an actual application that was made, as far as these Terms of Service are concerned. According to the Fair Credit Act, a lender CANNOT refuse to take an application REGARDLESS of past credit history or bankruptcy. Client must make sure that the lender takes his/her application regardless of the Client’s situation. The 20 referrals that Company sends to Client are all reputable and honest companies. Some Clients may have software on their computer protecting them from dangerous websites. If for any reason Client receives a “dangerous website” notification from their software, please bear in mind that the 20 referrals have all been checked and rechecked, and Company has been dealing with them for years. They are safe websites, regardless of what the Client’s computer software is saying. The Company, itself, has received dangerous website notifications from their own software regarding the Company’s own website, PLACguarantee.com. Meanwhile, Company has no malicious software on their website (as Client has already been on the website multiple times) and Company does not collect any sensitive information at all from its customers. Company only receives name, address, phone, email, and Company does not share any of that information with anyone else. Therefore, software or browsers that issue warnings may not be entirely accurate. However, if one of the referrals sends Client to another site, then Client should be careful. Company has no control over where Client might be sent. If any company asks Client to send them money upfront for a loan, then Client should not do it. Sometimes a suspicious company may ask Client to buy gift cards and then provide the numbers on the back of those gift cards to them. Client should not do it. If a company asks Client for their online banking username and password, then Client should not do it. There are scammers out there who will pretend to be from a legitimate company, but they are not. The most prevalent one that Company  has seen is that someone claiming to be from Lending Club either emails people or calls them or texts them and they tell people that they are from Lending Club. Lending Club is a real company, but the so-called ”agent” might be lying. Client should always contact the lender directly from their website, to verify that the offer is real, before proceeding with someone who has contacted them with an offer. Most, but not all, of the 20 referrals that Company sends to Client will only require a soft credit check, which would not affect Client’s credit score at all. If any company tries to get Client to sign up for credit monitoring or to get their credit score, there will always be a “No Thanks” link available, or something to that effect. Client needs to search for it, since companies like to hide it. Client is never under any obligation to pay for their credit scores or to sign up for any subscriptions.
i) Documentation: Results of all applications must be properly kept by the Client. If a result is sent to the Client through email, then Client must copy or print the result, unless the lender also sends documentation through the regular mail. Then a copy of that emailed document can be printed up. All documentation must be authentic and must show that it pertains specifically to Client and must not simply be a generic email or letter or other document. If a referral sends Client to another company, Client may apply with their recommendations, but Client is not obligated to do so. If the referral is a third-party company that provides a recommendation, Company recommends that Client applies with one of those recommendations. Client is only obligated to apply with the referrals that Company sends to Client. Client needs to keep documentation of the results so that both Company and Client know exactly what happened with each referral that was applied to. For example, if Client applied with the first referral, the referral will provide a response or a result, on Client’s computer screen or on Client’s device. Some referrals may also send Client an email, but not necessarily. If the referral gives Client an approval, or potential approval, Client should take a screenshot of it, or print it up from their computer, if Client is using a computer. Hopefully, Client knows how to take a screenshot (taking a picture of what you see on your device). Likewise, if referral denies the Client, Client needs to take a screenshot or print it up. Sometimes the referral will say, “We are unable to approve your request at this time, but please try our partner.” If referral says this, then that is considered a denial. Client needs to take a screenshot or print it up. If referral says, ”We are unable to approve your request. We have sent you an email with the reasons why”, then Client needs to print up the email with the reasons why the referral didn’t approve the Client. If Client is not being approved for up to the amount they requested, then Client needs to continue applying with each referral until the approval amounts add up to the total amount that Client requested. This includes all referrals, whether it’s for a loan or a line of credit and regardless of the amounts they offer. Even if the referral only offers $1,000, but Client wants $10,000, Client still needs to apply. If the interest rate is too high, then by all means, Client is never obligated to accept an approval, but it still counts as an approval towards the total amount that Client requested as far as the guarantee is concerned. Company guarantees the approval amount, not the interest rate.
j) Clients must wait until they have all documentation from all referred lenders. Documentation must then be sent by regular mail to the Company’s mailing address so that the refund department may examine it and make a refund determination. All documentation needs to be included in the one refund request. If documentation is not complete, refund request will be denied. Only copies should be sent, not originals. Documentation must be authentic. If documentation has been tampered with, refund will be denied permanently. All documentation must be in the Client’s name, not the Client’s spouse; however, documentation showing the Client applied with a spouse or with a co-signer is acceptable. No refund requests will be accepted after 90 days of referral fee payment to Company. All documentation must be sent by regular mail to the following address: PLAC GUAR, 1070 Middle Country Road, Suite 201, Selden, NY 11784. Company is unable to properly examine the documentation on their computers. Client needs to make sure that the documentation is very clear and easy to read. Each document must bear the webpage address on it, or else it should be very clear which company sent it to Client, and those companies need to be the companies that Company has referred to Client.
k) If Client already has an existing account with one of the referrals prior to paying the referral fee, then Client must include in their refund request package, a copy of a statement from that particular referral with Client’s name, which proves that Client already has a loan or line of credit with them. Statement needs to be dated 1-2 months PRIOR to referral fee payment. Old credit accounts that are closed or settled are not acceptable. If Client is currently in bankruptcy negotiations which relate to that referral, Client should provide recent documentation to that effect.
l) If Client has already applied with a referral within 60 days prior to referral payment to Company, then Client must include in their refund request package, a copy of the previous denial letter from that referral, or if Client does not have one, Client must send a copy of credit report inquiry page to Company showing that referral was applied to within 60 days PRIOR to referral fee payment. The inquiry page must be authentic and must show that it pertains specifically to Client and must not be a generic email, letter or other document.
m) Client and Company agree to be bound strictly by these Terms of Service. If Client has a dispute with Company, Client agrees to communicate directly with Company to resolve the dispute and agrees not to go elsewhere for a remedy, unless an amicable compromise cannot be reached. Company will do its best to work out an amicable agreement or compromise. If Client does not wish to follow these procedures or otherwise breaches these Terms of Service, then any refund will be denied permanently.
n) We have drafted these terms of service for our protection, of course, but we also want the Client to be aware of everything involved.