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We have researched hundreds of online lenders and based upon that research, we recommend the following online lenders and companies to our customers. All of our referrals meet our stringent guidelines that they are safe and reputable and give our customers a reasonably good chance of getting approved for all types of credit including loans, credit lines, credit cards or any other extensions of credit. Over the past 20 years, when our customers follow our instructions and apply directly to our referrals, they get results.

Some clients will receive the full amount that they have requested, and others will receive a lesser amount. A very small percentage, perhaps 4% or less, will not receive any approvals. Regardless of the outcome, we want to make sure that it is fair for everyone. If you receive the full amount you request, then everyone is happy. If you receive less than the amount you request, then you can receive a partial refund, provided that you have applied with all referrals (with some exceptions as explained in the Terms of Service) and that you are able to provide proof of all approvals and denials by mail to our refund department, as explained in the Terms. If you are approved for nothing at all (very rare), then you still have the same option to apply for a full refund, under the same Terms, of course.

It is possible that you may have already applied with one or more of our referrals. If so, not to worry. If you have already applied with any of the companies on our referral list within the past 60 days, then you do not need to apply with that company again. If you already have an existing loan or credit line with any of them, then do not apply with them. If they do not service your state or area, then you don’t have to apply. Just apply to the others, as needed. These stipulations are explained in detail in the Terms of Service. Click the referral links below and apply directly with the companies, as we explained to you in the Agreement.

Note: If a lender is not willing to approve you, they may refer you to other companies as well. We would rather that you apply with our referrals only, because we have no control over other companies and where they might send you. We do not know where you will end up or if you will run into an unscrupulous company, so please be careful. If you run into a company that does not approve you online, they may redirect you to one of their affiliates. If that happens, then the Client should take a screenshot of the page that shows us that the referred partner has redirected you to one of their affiliates. This is acceptable documentation of a denial from that partner. ​Also, if any company tries to get you to sign up for credit monitoring or to get your credit score, there will always be a “No Thanks” link available or something to that effect. Search for it. They like to hide it. You are never under any obligation to pay for your credit score or to sign up for any subscriptions.

John Latham
PLAC Guarantee