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Thank you for your message.

I think that perhaps you misunderstood exactly what we do, and exactly what we guarantee. We provided an Agreement to you before you paid us, which we asked you to please read and sign, along with paying us the referral fee. Our guarantee and our responsibilities are subject to the Agreement and Terms of Service and were explained in great detail. This is what we guaranteed, according to the Agreement and the Terms of Service:

We guaranteed that you would be approved for the full amount you asked for collectively from the referrals we sent you. That means that collectively, you will be approved for the amount you asked for in total, from all referrals that we provided. That approval amount can come in the form of a loan, or it could come in the form of a line of credit, or other. Total approval amount includes approval amounts for any and all extensions of credit, regardless of the type of credit extended. We are not a lender and made that very clear in the Agreement and Terms of Service. We provide referrals and that is why we charge a referral fee.

Your responsibility, as per the Agreement and Terms of Service, is to apply with the referrals we sent you. You do not need to apply with any of them or to all of them, unless, of course, you would like a refund. A refund is available if we can determine that the customer applied with every referral that we provided to them, but they were still unable to receive the combined approval amount that they had asked for. If a customer received approvals for less than the amount they asked for, then they can apply for a refund, either partial or full, depending on the actual amount that the customer was approved for, collectively.

In order to do this, the customer needs to provide documentation of results for each referral. There are some exceptions, which are explained in detail in the Terms of Service in the “Stipulations” section, including if you have already applied with a referral in the past 60 days, or if you already have an account with a referral prior to paying us, or if the referral does not service your area. It’s all there. I have provided links at the end of this response, for easy reference. We also provided Instructions to you on the Referrals page, which explains what to do if you apply with a referral, and they send you somewhere else. Instructions are again being provided in a link below, for your convenience.

Documentation from every possible referral, including documentation of any exceptions, needs to be mailed to the refund department at our mailing address. This is necessary because the refund department needs to go through the documentation manually and it is a time-consuming process to make sure documentation is acceptable. All this is covered in the Stipulations section of the Terms of Service.

Here are the links to the Agreement we had, the full Terms of Service agreed to, the Stipulations section of the Terms of Service, Refund Procedures from the Stipulations section, and your Instructions which were provided to you on your Referrals page:

Agreement: https://placguarantee.com/termsagree/

Instructions: https://placguarantee.com/txtrefinstr/

Refund Procedures: https://placguarantee.com/TOS-RefundProcedures/

Stipulations: https://placguarantee.com/TOS-Stipulations/

Full Terms of Service: https://placguarantee.com/termsofservice/

John Latham
PLAC Guarantee